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Logo Name Type Language
Archive.png Archive Multidisciplinary EN
Youtube.png Youtube Multidisciplinary +30
The open video project.png The open video project Multidisciplinary EN
Globalhealth Media.jpg Globalhealth Media Documentaries +10
Vimeo.png Vimeo Multidisciplinary +30
Blubbr.png Blubbr Multidisciplinary EN
Movenote.png Movenote Multidisciplinary EN
Screenr.gif Screenr Education EN
Panopto.png Panopto Education EN
Edpuzzle.png Edpuzzle Education EN
Educanon.png Educanon Education EN
The Mad Video.png The Mad Video Education EN
Academic Earth.png Academic Earth Education EN
Big Think.png Big Think Multidisciplinary EN
BrighStorm.png BrighStorm Education EN
CosmoLearning.png CosmoLearning Education EN
EducaMundus.png EducaMundus Education ES
TED.png TED Multidisciplinary +30
AUA Thai Language Videos.png AUA Thai Language Videos Education EN
Astro Images Sternwarte Kempten.png Astro Images Sternwarte Kempten Education DE
CandyJar.gif CandyJar Education EN
Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative.png Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative Education EN
Combrat Records.png Combrat Records Multidisciplinary EN
Deadknife Records.png Deadknife Records Multidisciplinary EN
Flickr.png Flickr Multidisciplinary DE, EN, ES, FR, KO, IT, PT, VI, ZH, MS
Freetems.png Freetems Multidisciplinary EN
HIVE Intercomunication Center.jpg HIVE Intercomunication Center Education EN, JA
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health OCW.gif Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health OCW Education EN
MIT Open Course Ware.png MIT Open Course Ware Education EN
University of California Irvine OCW.png University of California Irvine OCW Education EN
University of Notre Dame OCW.png University of Notre Dame OCW Education EN
University of Southern Queensland OCW.png University of Southern Queensland OCW Education EN
Utah State University OCW.png Utah State University OCW Education EN
File:Vault106.png Vault106 Music EN, FR
Verkaro.png Verkaro Music EN
Open Beelden.png Open Beelden Multidisciplinary EN, NL
Registered Commons.png Registered Commons Multidisciplinary EN
File:SciVee.png SciVee Documentaries EN
Sciyo.png Sciyo Multidisciplinary EN
Seville Sights.png Seville Sights Documentaries ES, FR, JA
The Holistic Care Yoga Wiki.png The Holistic Care Yoga Wiki Documentaries EN
Free 3D Models.png Free 3D Models Multidisciplinary EN
Uncensored Interview.png Uncensored Interview Multidisciplinary EN
Pexels Videos.png Pexels Videos Multidisciplinary EN
Mobango.png Mobango Multidisciplinary EN
ICarly.png iCarly Multidisciplinary EN
Videvo.png Videvo Multidisciplinary EN
Ekhart Yoga.png Ekhart Yoga Multidisciplinary EN
Chip Health.png Chip Health Multidisciplinary EN
Contextual Science.png Contextual Science Science EN
Coursera.png Coursera Education EN, ES
Edx.png EdX Education EN
The Futures Channel.png The Futures Channel Multidisciplinary EN
Howcast.jpg Howcast Multidisciplinary EN
ITunes U.png iTunes U Music EN
Khan Academy.png Khan Academy Education EN
Annenberg Learner.jpg Annenberg Learner Education EN
MathTV.png MathTV Science EN
SchoolTube.png SchoolTube Education EN
TeacherTube.png TeacherTube Education EN
Videojug.png Videojug Multidisciplinary EN
Open Yale Courses.png Open Yale Courses Education EN
Mazwai.png Mazwai Multidisciplinary EN
Free Online Yoga Videos.png Free Online Yoga Videos Multidisciplinary EN
StockFootageForFree.png StockFootageForFree Multidisciplinary EN
BottledVideo.png BottledVideo Multidisciplinary EN
Digital Hotcakes.png Digital Hotcakes Multidisciplinary EN
Pond5.png Pond5 Multidisciplinary EN
Motion Elements.jpg Motion Elements Multidisciplinary EN
Vidsplay.png Vidsplay Multidisciplinary EN
GiveMeFreeart.jpg GiveMeFreeart Multidisciplinary EN
FootageCrate.png FootageCrate Multidisciplinary EN
Bonapeti.png Bonapeti Multidisciplinary BG
Ignite Motion.png Ignite Motion Multidisciplinary EN
Free Footage.png Free Footage Multidisciplinary EN
Splasheo.jpg Splasheo Multidisciplinary EN
FlixPress.png FlixPress Multidisciplinary EN
Motion Backgrounds.png Motion Backgrounds Multidisciplinary EN
Distill.png Distill Multidisciplinary EN
Beachfront B-Roll.png Beachfront B-Roll Multidisciplinary EN
Beeple.png Beeple Multidisciplinary EN
Movietools.jpg Movietools Multidisciplinary EN
VideoBlocks.png VideoBlocks Multidisciplinary EN
Downloops.png Downloops Multidisciplinary EN
Detonation Films.png Detonation Films Multidisciplinary EN
World Clips.png World Clips Multidisciplinary EN
The News Market.png The News Market Multidisciplinary EN
Media College.png Media College Education EN
File:Krisha Creationz.png Krisha Creationz Multidisciplinary EN
Free Animal Videos.png Free Animal Videos Multidisciplinary EN
VideoCoPilot.png VideoCoPilot Multidisciplinary EN
Hollywood Camera Work.png Hollywood Camera Work Multidisciplinary EN
Classroom.png Classroom Education BG
Uchase.png Uchase Multidisciplinary BG
Uroci.gif Uroci Multidisciplinary BG
Ispanski.png Ispanski Multidisciplinary BG
File:Telerik Academy.png Telerik Academy Education BG
Ocenka-bel.png Multidisciplinary BG, EN
Sportdepot.png Sportdepot Multidisciplinary BG, EN
BTV.png BTV Multidisciplinary BG
VBox 7.png VBox 7 Multidisciplinary BG
Portal de Labores.png Portal de Labores Multidisciplinary ES
Manualidades con Foamy.png Manualidades con Foamy Multidisciplinary ES
Mediateca.png Mediateca Education ES
The Flipped Classroom.png The Flipped Classroom Education ES
Recursos para profes.png Recursos para profes Education ES
Commons Wikimedia.png Commons Wikimedia Multidisciplinary EN
Al Jazeera.png Al Jazeera Multidisciplinary EN
Europeana.png Europeana Multidisciplinary EN
Ilov TV.png Ilov TV Multidisciplinary
TEDx.png TEDx Multidisciplinary ES
EFE Libre Descarga.png EFE Libre Descarga Multidisciplinary ES
El Androide Libre.png El Androide Libre Multidisciplinary ES
RTVE.png RTVE Multidisciplinary ES
Macaulay Library.png Macaulay Library Education EN
El Mundo.png El Mundo Multidisciplinary ES
Wikisaber.png Wikisaber Multidisciplinary ES
Tareas y más.png Tareas y más Education ES
Snag Films.png Snag Films Multidisciplinary EN
Metacafe.png Metacafe Multidisciplinary EN
Popemas.png Popemas Multidisciplinary ES
NCI TV.jpg NCI TV Education ES
Subingles.png Subingles Education EN,ES
Subingles.Free video footage.png Free video footage Education ES